Five Tips for Beginner Poker Players

Thanks to TV poker tournaments, poker has become one of the most popular card games in the world. However, new players are often too eager, with too little experience to make any money at the table.But it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn to avoid some of the common pitfalls of new poker players and you’ll soon find yourself winning. Begin with these five tips for beginner poker players.

  1. Know the Strength in PositionYour position at the poker table is extremely important. You want to sit at the end of the action. This way, you can observe what every other player does before you make your move. How else to monitor your opponents?
  2. Educate YourselfLearn more than just the basics of the game. Read books and articles by the experts. Your skill level and confidence will increase with your knowledge.
  3. Don’t BluffHollywood movies have romanticized the notion of bluffing. But as a beginner, it’s not the best strategy to use. Instead, learn when to fold and when to be aggressive.
  4. Fold OftenAs a beginner, you only want to play your strongest hands. If you have a strong pair such as AA or KK, play it. Otherwise, time to fold.
  5. Be AggressiveWhen you do get a strong hand, play it! Bet before the flop, and continue betting afterwards. Observe your opponents after the flop and try to play aggressively. Strong hands are your chance to go for it.

Beyond these five tips, the only thing that can improve your game is experience. Sit down at some micro tables and start playing. It might seem far off now, but in time you could be a powerful poker player.