How to start your own gaming company

Starting an online gaming company can be much easier when the services of GTG Advocates are retained to smooth the legal pathway to starting a gaming company.

Starting an online gaming company

Remote gambling business operations, i-gaming and online betting businesses need to be set up carefully and laws can be complex for anybody wanting to set up their own entrepreneurial business. Malta is a unique start up base for companies moving into gaming company operations, which need to be regulated and licensed.Anybody starting an online gaming company needs to consider the best ways to protect players and the technology utilized. This is the reason the expertise gained in Malta has helped ensure it is the best place to base gaming start ups. Entrepreneurs providing casino games, interactive gaming, betting platforms or lotteries will discover that the Remote Gaming Operations regulations can be met far more easily within the framework of the experience and professionalism provided by Malta practitioners.Once the legal framework of the new gaming company has been finalised and licensed the new business can be legally incorporated and setting up the business will then just be the case of following your own business planning instincts.

Start ups

Entrepreneurs need to have a valid business plan and the funding that’s essential to maintain the gaming company in the initial stages. Online gaming operations need a high degree of technical expertise, although GTG Advocates do also provide technical setup assistance by way of their technical partnership.If official business premises are required it will be necessary to purchase or lease a suitable office site to use as a company base and legal representation will also be needed to ensure this goes through smoothly.